Viper V6

The first game in the famous Viper series, published in 1996 by Sogna which went bankrupt during 2000. Sogna became well-known for appealing, simple and well-animated h-games which have achieved an enormous cult status especially after its bankruptcy.

This game contains 3 different stories which are played separately. In Afternoon, a girl named Mutsumi wins a beauty contest, but another contestant named Kazuyo challenges the decision, going to extreme lengths to prove she’s sexier. In The Devil Came a young man named Ogawa tries to summon a demon to strike against those who’ve wronged him, but instead winds up with Carerra. He changes his mind and has her pleasure him as much as his body can handle. In Double Impact, private investigators Miho and Kumi are hired for an undercover job that they ultimately fail, resulting in them both getting captured and raped. But at the end their client reveals it was all a trick to get some convincing actors for a movie, and Miho gladly accepts the money in spite of the experience.
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All relevant game resource formats have been reversed and the respective tools which modify them, have been created. The full Japanese script weighs 42.5kb.

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